The Four Chapter Gallery is a collaboration between Christ Community and The Culture House in Kansas City. 

Four Chapter Gallery hosts concept-based art exhibitions that engage culturally relevant themes and ideas.

​As a gallery committed to emerging artists of all ages, we enjoy highlighting the work of those discovering their artistic voice. And as a gallery committed to art with ideas, we celebrate work that invites viewers to consider or reconsider how they see themselves, their neighbors, and their community.

current exhibit

Josey Lee, “This is my body”—
March-April 2021

“This is my body”— is a reflection on the repercussions of my parents’ divorce. It is a lament over the dismembering of my family, the tearing apart of that body, the desecration of that sanctuary people call home. 

A meditation on the collision between the earthly and the divine.

Additional Exhibit Dates

In addition to our opening reception, this exhibit will be open for viewing on the following dates:

Thursday, March 17 | 6-8:00 PM

Saturday, March 20 | 2-4:00 PM

Tuesday, March 23 | 6-8:00 PM

Monday, March 29 | 6-8:00 PM

Tuesday, April 6 | 6-8:00 PM

Saturday, April 10 | 2-4:00 PM

Thursday, April 15 | 6-8:00 PM

Monday, April 19 | 6-8:00 PM