The Four Chapter Gallery hosts art exhibits that are rich in ideas and lean into generative conversations that are vital for human flourishing.

As a gallery committed to emerging artists of all ages, we enjoy highlighting the work of those discovering their artistic voice.

 We celebrate work that invites viewers to consider or reconsider how they see themselves, their neighbors, and their community.

current exhibit

Those who dream in the midst of sorrow

Artists make space to honor loss & imagine healing

December 2, 2022 – February 26, 2023

Featuring words & images from Jeran Avery, Jenna Brack, Gregory Kolsto, Sandee Finley, Dylan Mortimer, Kelli Sallman, David Oakes, and Fredric Sims

No human being experiences a life without enduring grief and loss. Because grieving is universal, there is a particular kind of power to these shared experiences, shaping communities in profound ways. Loss can unite, bending us outward as we tend to one another’s wounds with care. It can also divide, turning us inward as we struggle to survive.