Previous Exhibits

2023, multi-disciplinary, multimedia

Flows Like Water

For eight years, the Four Chapter Gallery has partnered with the Kansas City Art Institute Fiber Department to present the work of an outstanding graduating senior from their department. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve students and partner with other arts organizations in our city.

2023, fabric, multi-disciplinary, multimedia

Healing Sanctuary

In Healing Sanctuary, Kammy Downs blends drawing, natural dye, fiber, and needlecraft to create beautiful installations. 

She uses her work to explore the connections between God and nature and the particular ways that the mysterious life cycle of plants reveals aspects of the hidden spiritual world. She creates and uses many natural dyes herself, and through this process she considers the role of plants as a God-given remedy for the healing of our bodies. 


This series of paintings is based on the structures that lay below maps. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines form a grid, and this grid has had many uses throughout history. To the Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator, a rectilinear grid aided in the making of maps for ship navigation. These sorts of tools have helped define me on my journey as an immigrant in America. My variations on maps and globes provide alternatives that leave room for those of us who have not been included in these histories and images.


When borders are absent, possibility is present.  Change and growth occur by operating in the space between known and unknown, here and there, then and now.  This exhibition features two ceramic artists exploring the significance of the liminal space in their work and artistic voices, interpreting the term ‘liminal’ in different ways.

2022, Exhibit

Bảo Ơi

Each year, the Four Chapter Gallery partners with the Kansas City Art Institute Fiber Department to present the work of an outstanding graduating senior. This year, we invite you to view the work of Hùng Lê, a Vietnamese-American artist. In his exhibit, Bảo Ơi, the artist considers the liminal space he occupies as an inheritor of two countries.

2022, Exhibit


This exhibit brings together the work of two local artists, Emily Cramer and Lauren Stevens. Though Emily and Lauren are both visual artists, their practices are very different, in that Emily primarily works in oil with surrealistic imagery and Lauren creates elaborately detailed works through printmaking. Both of them create richly detailed figurative work, and both are continually exploring themes of beauty and faith in their life and work.

2022, Exhibit

The Process of Becoming

Becoming is a human process. We become who we are over time, often slowly. Sometimes that process goes how we imagine and sometimes we are becoming against our will. Like a work of art, as creatures we become who we are under the loving hand of a Creator. God, through the mystery of creation, begins our bodily becoming in the womb, and our entire life is an unfolding of growth, change, and decay that is governed by forces outside of ourselves. In him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

2022, Exhibit

Out of Chaos

Madelynne Jones uses abstract techniques and acrylics to visually represent the chiasms and patterns revealed in Scripture. Chiasms are ancient literary tools used by Hebrew writers to show patterns in Scripture. These patterns point to a Creator that is so meticulously obsessed with beauty that He's layered and buried jewels within the Scriptures for us to uncover. Madelynne's work allows the viewer to see Scripture through dynamic colors and textures that reveal a God committed to telling His story of redemption over and over again.

2021, Exhibit

on the bridge between

on the bridge between is a collection of mixed media collage works born from a year of exploring notions of resilience and the myriad ways humans choose to lean into life while on the bridge between those everyday realities that have the power to destroy us and the somethings beckoning us to keep going in spite of it all.