Previous Exhibits

2021, Exhibit

“This is my body”–

A reflection on the repercussions of my parents’ divorce, “This is my body”—  is a lament over the dismembering of my family, the tearing apart of that body, the desecration of that sanctuary people call home. It is also a meditation on the collision between the earthly and the divine. As a triune metaphor for my family as both body and sanctuary, this installation contains visual aspects of my childhood home, the Bible’s recurring theme of animal sacrifice, and the Mosaic tabernacle (or tent).


We Are Still Watching

The Art Exhibit We Are Still Watching makes us look at our past through the eyes of those who have gone before. Our forefathers: King, Malcolm, Harriet, Rosa, among others had their faith to guide, strengthen, and direct them.

2020, Exhibit, landscape, painting


Powerful and bold landscape paintings by Dawn Waters Baker highlight her experience at the Gettysburg National Military Park through the artist-in-residency program offered by The National Parks Arts Foundation.