January & February 2020

Dawn Waters Baker

ARTIST: Dawn Waters Baker

The powerful and bold landscape paintings by Dawn Waters Baker highlight her experience at the Gettysburg National Military Park through the artist-in-residency program offered by The National Parks Arts Foundation. This special opportunity allows the creative space and time for an artist to immerse themselves in one of America’s magnificent National Parks. Dawn has found a viable place for a concentrated study of the landscape through the eyes of an artist. Having been unanimously selected by a prestigious NPAF juried panel, Dawn had ample time to research the Civil War before her month-long stay in July and August of 2018. During this preparation time Dawn examined all aspects of the Civil War through a variety of books, documentaries, and podcasts to try to understand the politics of the day, the battle maneuvers, the common soldier’s experience on both sides, and the effects the battle had on the land.

Gallerist Mary Tomás states, “The exceptional landscape paintings that artist Dawn Waters Baker creates have the ability to touch viewers in profound and deep ways. As an artist who is demure and humble in spirit her personality belies her ability to capture the drama and unspoken language of trees, water, land and sky. The series of paintings Dawn has passionately fashioned from her stay at the Gettysburg National Military Park will convey her emotions through this powerful foray into the history of the Civil War, life and death, the continuing struggle of our American story and a very personal journey as told through the Gettysburg landscape.”


About the Artist

Dawn was born and raised an expatriate on the islands of the Philippines. She grew up under the shadow of an active volcano and learned to look for the beauty in lives much harder than her own. In 1994 she moved to Dallas for college where she received her BA in Fine Arts from Dallas Baptist University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1998. Soon after she married a mathematician, Kendrick Baker and they had three girls, Myla, Keeva and Avia. In her free time she likes to hike, travel to beautiful landscapes and teaches art in Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center once a week for incarcerated youth.

Her art is collected by many businesses as well as private owners. Her piece, “Release” is on permanent display in the New York Times Building. She finished five original drawings for the book, “Why, O God?” published by Crossway books. She is a Signature member of Artists of Texas. Dawn is affiliated with Mary Tomas Gallery in Dallas Design District, Waterfall Mansion in New York, NY, and Joseph Gierek Fine Art in Tulsa, OK. She was also selected as the 2015 Artist in Residence for Big Bend National Park. She had a solo exhibit in 2016 based on her time and inspiration at the Park. She was also selected as Artist in Residence at Gettysburg National Military Park in 2018 with a solo show of her work in March of 2019. Her work has been in national shows including The National Weather Biennale, Jubilee Museum of Sacred Art Biennale, CIVA Contemporary Images of Mary and Ex Nihilo at Roberts Wesleyan College. She recently had an exhibition of her works at The Nave Museum in September of 2018.