March & April 2022

Emily Cramer & Lauren Stevens

In The Waiting:

the practice of waiting in beauty and waiting for beauty to come

Artists: Lauren Stevens & Emily Cramer

This exhibit brings together the work of two local artists, Emily Cramer and Lauren Stevens. Though Emily and Lauren are both visual artists, their practices are very different, in that Emily primarily works in oil with surrealistic imagery and Lauren creates elaborately detailed works through printmaking. Both of them create richly detailed figurative work, and both are continually exploring themes of beauty and faith in their life and work.

We hope you will be encouraged and provoked as the artists explore themes of waiting while co-creating with the triune God and longing for Christ to return and make all things new. This work calls us to slow down and enter into an awareness of the intricate beauty of creation, both in the grandeur of the world and in the intimacy of the artist’s studio.