September 1 – October 29, 2023
Nest: A Collection | Jenna Bauer

Artist: Jenna Bauer

About the exhibit:

In Nest: A Collection, we invite you to witness selections of artist Jenna Bauer’s work from 1999 – present. The exhibition includes several distinct styles that have emerged in her work over the years, such as meditative landscapes, abstract process paintings, color grid explorations, and conceptual works. The exhibit also includes reflections of the artist’s daily life, such as a poignant checkerboard installation of to-do lists from the period of time when she was a caregiver for her father. Nest offers an intimate glimpse of the evolution of an artist’s life and work as she has moved through time, and the results range from restrained and thoughtful to joyful and energetic, creating spaces of respite for all who engage them.


About the artist:

Jenna Bauer is a painter, musician, educator, and social sculptor. Her visual art is an abstract departure from landscape with an acute focus on color, gesture, and process. Her work functions as an abstract, non-linear autobiography and takes on a wide variety of appearances, offering our gaze respite from the sociopolitical grind of our day-to-day. Using a discovery-based, re-inventive approach each time she completes a new body of work, Bauer invites a conversation with the sublime on her canvases and papers.

Bauer received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting from Webster University in Saint Louis in 2000 and her Masters in Painting from Hunter College in New York in 2013. She teaches art, music, and movement to preschool students at Notre Dame de Sion School and is the founder of ArtscopeSTL and Colorbridge Art in St. Louis. She lives and works in Kansas City.