Artist Submissions

Now accepting proposals for 2024-25

We are always looking to connect with new artists and would love to see your work. Before submission, please read what we value as a gallery.

Submit work if you are:

  • an emerging OR established artist, arts collective, or curator
  • your work has strong, meaningful ideas behind it
  • your work presses into conversations relevant to our culture, our city, or our community

NOTE: Artist proposals are reviewed several times per year. Therefore, we may not get back to you right away.


Submission Requirements:

1) FILL IN ALL FIELDS. Partial forms are NOT accepted..

2) SHARING FILES: All files, including images, PDF proposal, assets, must be put in a Google Drive and shared. Give permissions  to for access. Additional access may be requested. NOTE: INCOMPLETE PROPOSALS will not be reviewed.


1) ONLINE Use the online form below. See notes at bottom about URL links to representative work, and proposal.

2) DOWNLOAD the submission .pdf and EMAIL (


  • Please submit 5-10 high-quality images of representative work.
  • Images should be in JPEG format, no larger than 2MB per file.
    Please title your images in this format:
    For example, if my name is Jane Stewart, I will name my images as follows: STEWART – 1, STEWART – 2, etc
PROPOSAL Submission:

Including ALL of the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae (relevant to your artwork only)
  • Artist statement (not to exceed 500 words)
  • Image list: please include a brief description (150 words or less) of each of your attached representative works. Please indicate which description goes with which file number.
  • Proposal (not to exceed 1500 words): please express the ideas behind your proposed show, including relevant sample images or studies in the body of the PDF.
  • Please keep your proposal under 15 pages. 

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